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UK Customer’s Choice Award

The UKBA™ includes the opportunity for every entrant to win the Customer’s Choice Award!

There will be a gold, silver and bronze award in this category. Entry is also free for anyone who wishes to enter their company.

BUT everyone is a winner because when you take part your customers and fans will be impressed!

The final result will be decided from the companies with the highest Quality Score and will be announced at the LIVE Online awards ceremony on July 8th 2021.

Provide a few details, upload your logo and company name and you will be just about ready to go.

We will post your logo within a few hours and then you can share with your networks and customers via social media to get their ratings.

The sooner you upload your logo, the sooner you can start the voting! That is all you have to do to begin your awards journey.

It may be an idea to plan reminders to your customers weekly between now and the ceremony on July 8th to ensure you get the most ratings!

Quality Score.

Put simply just because you have a large number of votes doesn’t mean you will win.

The Quality Score is decided by the total of the ratings your customers give you as a function of the favourable comments.

That sounds fair to us, especially as this award is all about innovation and enterprise. So, this should appeal to you!

How the Rating Works?

Your customers and fans will be able to log in via the ratings button on the Customer’s Choice Award web page web page.

Once they do, they will be asked to provide a rating of 1 to 10 to answer the question.

Overall, how highly do you rate the company?

The customer can also leave a comment as to why they have given your company the score they have and that’s it.

We will add up the sum of the ratings and apply the formula described above to provide a Customer’s Choice Award Score.

Informing You of the Scores.

Finalists will be provided with their scores and comments following submission of their completed entry form shortly after entries close.


For security we will take the email address of all the people who provide ratings and they will have to undergo verification.

In case anyone asks you, we won’t use those details for any purpose apart from to communicate with them about their ratings and we won’t sell their data or share it with any third party.

As soon as UKBA™ is finished, if not sooner the database of contact details will be deleted.

We will send your customers an email asking if they want us to update them on your progress.

For further information contact